Frequently Asked Questions

This content was last modified on 27 August 2021.

What is figbox?

figbox is goal-orientated platform where users curate and get access to exclusive content and tutorials as well as the mentorship they need to achieve their educational, research and professional goals.

Is figbox free?

Yes! Figbox is free to use. You also do not need to download any additional software to your personal computer. Secondly, we strongly encourage, if you decide to join the figbox community, to sign up using the “Sign Up with ORCID or with Google” feature which can be found on our home page. We are also partnered with Stripe, Inc. Indeed, Google, Stripe and ORCID is a trusted interface used by millions of scholars and people around the world and has a proven track record of reliability and integrity. Finally, you can delete your figbox account at any time by going to your Account Settings tab.

Who uses figbox?

Recent graduates and professionals working in the industry and scholars at all levels (e.g. Undergraduates , Masters and PhD students, postdocs, research scientists, independent scholars , junior and senior professors)

What type of exclusive content/tutorials can i find on figbox?

Exclusive content/tutorials curated on figbox range from: how to secure an admission, scholarship or grant, transitioning as a graduate into an industry job, getting access to free article, book or software, successfully applying for a facility position as a postdoc, how to craft your CV for a future employer, thesis selection and literature review help, quantitive and qualitative data analysis tutorials, how to successfully apply to an international conference, successful publication and submission advice , dealing with academic stress and conflict, unique job opportunities for academics and more.

How do I earn a mentorship certificate?

You earn a verifiable mentorship certificate on figbox which should also be noted on your resume or cv, by doing two things. One you must authenticate your identity by filling out your profile page in full. This will change the 4th symbol next to your name to 3rd. Next, as users request to view some of the content you set to mentees only, you began to increase your chances of getting your first certificate. Once you get at least 10 mentees, the 3rd symbol next to your name will change to 2nd. At this point you will be awarded your first mentorship certificate. In the event you have 20 or more mentees, the 2nd symbol next to your name will change to 1st and you will be awarded another mentorship certificate. To check your mentorship status, go to edit profile and select mentorship status.

What is an impact score and how do i get one?

The academic and professional community does not have a metric which measures your impact on others independent of your research or financial output, we want to change this. An impact score is like what an impact factor is to a journal. Specifically, it is a measurement that tracks the impact your exclusive content and tutorial is having on other scholars and professionals on figbox. The higher the impact score, the greater the impact your content is having in helping millions around the world achieve their educational, research and professional goals. For every 10 reads you get for an exclusive content/tutorial , you will receive an impact point of 0.1. The higher your impact score, the greater your impact. Note that your impact score should go on your CV or resume as it shows to your future employers you recognize the importance of making a positive impact in the lives of others within and outside of your immediate environment .

How do I add an exclusive content/tutorial on figbox?

Go to the home tab. Next select the add icon and enter the exclusive content you want to add. Select whether you want the content to be publicly available or whether you want only your mentees to have access to the content. Finally press the add button, It’s that simple!

How do I get access to someone's exclusive content/tutorials?

To do this, you must first edit your profile by adding a verifiable photo and also fill out your about me section. Next, go to your home page and you will see a feed of exclusive content. In the event you would like to find a curator with a specific interest, at a specific university or company , etc., click on the arrow next to the search bar and enter the information you would like to search for.

Thinking about how to get a job in the industry, what do I do?

First remember that you don’t always need to focus on matching the degree you currently have or are working on in order to secure a job in the industry. The same is true if you are a researcher. Many of the skills you acquire during your study or while you are researching (e.g., communications skills, writing skills, qualitative and quantitive analyses skills, your work ethic, being able to commit to something and see it completed, etc.) can translate perfectly to many jobs in the industry. See link: With this in mind, when you login to figbox, fill out your entire profile. Under Grants/Scholarship or Transferable Skills, include skills you possess which you believe can translate to most jobs in the industry. Next start networking with users on figbox who are now working in the industry in order to learn the specific steps they took to secure an industry job. Finally, be on the lookout for exclusive content that can point you towards a company that is currently looking to hire new graduates and seasoned researchers.

Can I be a curator and request content from other curators?

Yes! Users can get access to an exclusive content or curate an exclusive content.