Frequently Asked Questions

This content was last modified on 27 August 2021.

Who uses figbox and how does figbox ensure users are real?

Professionals working in the industry (at Apple, Amazon, Huawei, IBM, AB Science, etc.), prospective university applicants, students at all levels (undergraduates, Master’s and PhD students) and academics (post-docs and junior professors, professors) around the world. To ensure that users are real, we use an advance in-house method to verify the identity of all of our users across different professional platforms and search engines. If we find a match, we automatically fill out the different sections of that user's profile such as a professional photo, personal link, publications, etc.

Why can I only add 10 users to my network of mentors?

Mentors in your network are experienced individuals we want you to talk to about issues, questions and concerns you may be having and resources you would like to get access to. Further, having a small high-quality network we believe allows for very private, clear headed knowledge seeking discussions and virtual interactions that will ultimately led you towards the exact steps and information you need to develop, refine and achieve your educational, research, and career goals.

How do I add or view exclusive educational, research and industry related content and tutorials on figbox?

To do this, log into your figbox account. Next, click on your home tab. To add a content or tutorial, select the add button. Here you will be asked to enter the information you would like to add- it’s that simple! To view a content or tutorial, click the title of the content or tutorial you would like to view - it’s that simple! Note that some content and tutorials are private. To view, you will need to add the user who has added this content or tutorial into your network of mentors.

What is the "Invite Me to Lunch" feature?

The "Invite Me to Lunch" feature allows you to secure virtual informational interviews during lunch with users studying at a university you are interested in or users pursing a degree or researching in your field of interest, or is currently working in an industry you would like to transition to.

How do I earn a mentorship certificates?

You earn a verifiable mentorship certificate on figbox which can be included on your CV or resume. To earn a certificate, you must authenticate your identity by filling out your profile page in full. This will change the 4th symbol next to your name to 3rd. Next, as users request to view some of the content you make available to mentees only, you begin to increase your chances of getting your first certificate. Once you get at least 5 mentees, the 3rd symbol next to your name will change to 2nd. At this point you will be awarded your first mentorship certificate. In the event you have 10 or more mentees, the 2nd symbol next to your name will change to 1st and you will be awarded another mentorship certificate. To check your mentorship status, go to Edit profile and select Mentorship status.

What if I don't have a clear educational, research, or career goal in mind?

No worries! Informational interview on figbox is also a perfect way to develop and define your educational, research, and career goals. Current students, researchers, and professionals on figbox are ready to help you!